Hi, I’m Marjani.

UX designer, facilitator, & trekkie 🖖🏾

I use empathy and innovative thinking to solve challenging problems.

about me

Via the Village

A nanny-sharing resource and community-networking platform that aims to solve the childcare cost dilemma by helping families save money on childcare, and empowering nannies to earn more income.

UX, strategy, IA

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Design Museum of Chicago

Creating an artist-driven platform where creatives can mindfully critique each other’s artwork, and connect with other emerging artists based on shared values and diverse viewpoints.

UX, research, concepting

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Chicago Public Library

Encouraging continuous learning for library event-goers by providing a platform to easily locate and engage with relevant follow-up resources after events.

UX, research, service, concepting

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Heirloom curates the freshest seasonal produce and foods from our farm partners and delivers to you.

UX, UI, concepting

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